My pick for the World Photography Day

copyright by Zain
Dry terrain couldn’t have looked more classy

This would be my pick for the day because it looks more special on screen than it actually was.

Apart from the rocks,stones and wild plants in the photograph, there’s something very different. Yes, the cloud pattern. I never noticed clouds forming such shapes. To my amazement, they looked quite amazing in this picture. It was a pretty ordinary day and a not so special place, the only different thing was the cloud formation in the sky. But the view I got from behind the rocks made this look very very special. This remains my pick for the special day because of the wonderful cloud formation in the background. This kind of cloud pattern is easy to be created and put into a photograph with the help of editing . So what makes this picture special to me is the fact that it is pure and realistic (don’t mean to exaggerate my work, but I literally prefer being real and reality never fails to impress me ). I think this picture justifies my approach towards photography and hence, I convey my wishes to everyone on this day of Photography ’cause everyone has a photographer inside themselves.

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