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You dont need money for photography, you need creativity and vision

First up, I’m NOT a professional photographer.I’m someone passionate for photography with a different approach to the whole concept of photography. Keeping things real and natural has been my principle. Having a creative mind decides where your photography stands. It is creativity that is more necessary than a heavy priced rig. Yes, using varieties of cameras, lenses etc makes a difference. But you cant make that count till you’re not creative enough. All I do to make my pictures look good is look at the world,the surroundings with a different vision.Hence, I preferably promote unedited photographs.Something I’ve learned after reading different blogs and reviews is that a good Photographer can make the worst look the best, on-screen.

And afterall megapixels don’t matter at all, what matters is your ideology and passion towards photography. Editing or not editing is in your hands and yes, to be honest, at times you really need to adjust the picture scale or exposure which is very much acceptable to make your pictures look the best.

So people, go out with a camera in your hands , look at the world in a different perspective and click pictures and share them with us or the world !

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